ACA Technology Inc. was founded in January, 1995.  ACA Technology Inc. has been selling silicon wafers world wide since then. With both experienced marketing and engineering teams, ACA Technology Inc has enjoyed fast growing business in world electronics market.  We believe that high quality products and excellent service are the most important elements for our customers.

ACA Technology Inc. provides 4" - 6" lapped, polish, epi wafers, and SOI silicon wafers for discrete, IC, and other high end semiconductor devices applications. We produce silicon wafers in China. All our manufacturing plants are located in Zhejiang providence and Shanghai area.  ACA Technology Inc. has sales offices both in Chino Hills, California, USA, and Shanghai, China.

ACA Technology Inc. has multi-millions in global sales annually for solar silicon wafers, cystal products, PV solar panels, PV solar system kits, PV solar installations and consultant services for the renewable energy markets.

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